A private reverse mortgage can be a win-win solution.

Proper documentation prevents tax problems and protects relationships.

Caregiver Mortgage ® (Reverse Mortgage) - $1,825

Our Caregiver Mortgage ® is a secured line of credit funded by the relatives of a retired homeowner. It allows the homeowner to receive tax-free cash borrowed against their home equity, knowing that their own family – not an institution – is building equity in their home. It offers may of the features and benefits that attract people to reverse mortgages, but without the costs and restrictions.

  • Secured Line of Credit Promissory Note
  • Registered, Mortgage, Deed of Trust, or Security Deed
  • Joint Lender Agreement, Basic Property Report (Lien Search), Electronic Property Valuation
  • Loan Tracking and Annual Tax Reports
  • Supports up to three separate households (typically, adult siblings) who wish to crowd fund the credit line

One-Time Setup Fee
Loan Size Price
Over $1,000,000 $2,100
Over $500,000 up to $1,000,000 $1,725
Over $300,000 up to $500,000 $1,425
Over $200,000 up to $300,000 $1,075
Over $100,000 up to $200,000 $875
$1 – $100,000 $725

Setup Details: Four Easy Steps

Structure the Loan

Either the Lender(s) or Borrower may submit your loan details through our secure online Application, with the following exceptions:

(1) If the Borrower’s subject property is in Kentucky, Maryland, Texas, or Virginia, then the Borrower must submit the online Setup Form and submit our one-time setup fee.

In the event multiple households are funding the loan, one Lender must take responsibility for submitting the Loan Setup Form and for paying our one-time setup fee. However, as explained directly above, if the Borrower’s subject property is in Kentucky, Maryland, Texas, or Virginia, then the Borrower must submit our online Setup Form and submit our one-time setup fee.

Please be prepared to provide:

  • (A) Lender(s) and Borrower contact information:
    Names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers
  • (B) Subject property details:
    Property address, name of condo association if applicable
  • (C) Family Mortgage loan details:
    Loan amount(s), initial loan disbursement date, projected monthly disbursement, interest rate, term,
    lien position (1st or 2nd mortgage)
  • (D) Secure credit card payment information

Please be sure to review our company Standards for complete restrictions and limitations.


Document the Loan

Within one business day of submitting your online Setup Form, a Family Mortgage Team Member will call you to confirm the details of your loan.

All Caregiver Mortgages ® have three crucial components:

Promissory Note: The Promissory Note establishes the legal debt between the parties and records how the debt is going to be repaid.

Joint Lender Agreement In the event your loan includes multiple Lenders (households), this agreement will document the individual rights and credit-line of each Lender. The individual household credit-lines collectively comprise the total loan amount.

Mortgage / Deed of Trust / Security Deed: This is the legal security instrument through which your Borrower offers their property as collateral to you in exchange for the loan.

Within seven business days of submitting your online Setup Form, we will email your comprehensive loan documents for your review and approval. The documents will also include an open lien search and an electronic valuation of the Borrower’s property.

Register the Loan

After you have reviewed and approved your loan documents, the documents are emailed to the Borrower’s closing attorney. The closing attorney will oversee the execution and government recording of your Family Mortgage.

State laws in over half of the country legally require local attorney participation when closing a loan secured by real estate. As an ever increasing number of states move towards this legal standard, we follow this protocol with every National Family Mortgage ® transaction.

Additionally, your local attorney’s involvement will help minimize liabilities for all parties, and further ensure a successful arrangement for everyone.

Attorney’s fees vary widely depending on experience, expertise, and scope of services.

Please note, in addition to National Family Mortgage’s ® one-time fee for service, the following states requires a mortgage tax must be paid at the time of local government recording:

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, Virginia.

Please be sure to review our Family Mortgage Guide for estimated state tax rates.

It is the client’s responsibility to pay this additional tax. The tax will be collected by the Borrower’s closing attorney.

You will make any initial loan disbursement directly to the closing attorney’s client escrow account. Future disbursements will be made either directly to your Borrower, or to any appropriate third party on your Borrower’s behalf.

National Family Mortgage ® does not disburse funds.

Manage the Loan

Our award winning, patented, Caregiver Mortgage ® Manager ensures expectations are clear, relationships are protected, and year-end tax reporting is simple.

  • Individual and group reports
  • Annotate disbursements
  • Upload and attach images and receipts
  • Individual annual tax reports
  • Federal Patent No. US D788,142 S