Our goal is to make family mortgage lending safe, easy, and successful.

Why use National Family Mortgage? There are plenty of reasons!

Help a Loved One

A structured credit-line to a retired loved one can provide both of you peace of mind. You can empower your Borrower with the resources and freedom to adapt with their changing retirement needs in comfort. Protect your family’s home from banks and other creditors. Provide your loved one with a smart solution that provides predictable financial support, maintains family harmony, and will be repaid.

Tax / Relationship Protection

Prevent IRS scrutiny. The current IRS annual gift tax exclusion is $17K per person. In order for an exchange of family funds to be considered a legitimate loan and not a potentially reportable gift, you must properly document the transaction as a loan and also report earning interest at a rate equal to or above the minimum rate required by the federal government, called the Applicable Federal Rate (AFR). Even if you document the loan, but report earning less than the appropriate AFR, the IRS may impute the interest as income and also view the forgone interest as a financial gift.

National Family Mortgage ® will coordinate scheduling details and expectations with the Borrower’s estate attorney or elder attorney who will otherwise conduct the Borrower’s loan closing. As with an institutional lender, the Borrower’s settlement agent is responsible for ensuring the execution of the Loan Agreement and for the recording of the real estate lien with the local government authority.

Proper documentation sets clear expectations and prevents future misunderstandings with extended family members. If anything happens to you, your registered mortgage documentation also protects the interests of your spouse or children who could one day be affected by the proper accounting of the loan.

Our patented Caregiver Mortgage ® Manager (U.S. Design Patent No. D788,142 S) encourages sibling participation. This unique loan management software allows Lenders from up to three separate households to track individual or collective disbursements, add notes or receipts to their disbursement entries, and calculate year-end tax reports.

A Strong Investment Vehicle

What are your bonds or CDs paying these days? Invest in your own family and earn a solid return. Protect your family’s home for future generations. The emotional returns are strong, too!

Build Family Wealth

Your National Family Mortgage ® will keep home equity in your family. When the Borrower’s home is sold one day, or upon the settlement of their estate, the credit line is repaid. Save your loved one thousands of dollars in interest, insurance, and high fees charged by reverse mortgage institutions.

Asset Protection

You can rest assured that your investment is protected with a registered mortgage lien as filed with the proper government authority. This can be especially important when it’s time to be repaid. Help reduce misunderstandings between siblings during challenging times.