Are your clients providing financial support to adult kids or retired parents?

We will help document and service the transaction, so you don’t have to!

As a financial advisor, tax professional, estate planner or real estate agent, you know the importance of properly documenting and formalizing intra-family financial transactions to both:

(1) Prevent problems with the IRS
(2) Protect family relationships

National Family Mortgage’s ® safe, easy, and affordable intra-family mortgage solutions ensure proper documentation, mortgage registration, tax planning and loan repayment is as simple as can be.

With National Family Mortgage ® your clients can:

  • Help adult children purchase, refinance, or renovate a home
  • Help a retired parent with cash-flow needs while protecting own financial future
  • Transfer wealth between generations
  • Diversify their portfolio and earn a solid return
  • Receive a steady flow of cash payments
  • Lend money from a trust or manage annual gifting
  • Protect loans to newly married children

Borrowers benefit, too:

  • Easier access to cash in a tight credit market
  • Better interest rates from family
  • Low origination fees
  • Ability to deduct mortgage interest
  • Keep wealth in the family

National Family Mortgage ® helps structure the loan, document the loan, register the mortgage with the proper government authority, and manage the repayment.

  • Custom mortgage documents for each situation and state
  • Registered security and tax deductible
  • Electronic funds transfer to process payments
  • Online account access to manage loans
  • Year-end IRS tax reports

To learn more about how National Family Mortgage ® can help you and your clients, please contact us today!