“Using National Family Mortgage to help us establish a mortgage with our daughter was one of the soundest business decisions we’ve made. The process was easy, seamless and a good value for the cost. The guidance and explanations were clear and concise, and they gave us peace of mind that we’ve established this loan with the proper legal steps, legal documentation, and IRS compliancy”.
– B & L, Texas (Lenders)

“A smart mortgage is a family mortgage. My parents get a great return on their investment and I get a great rate on my loan. National Family Mortgage gave me all the tools to make it happen and it was easy. It’s the best and most stress-free decision our family ever made together.”
– Tom, Massachusetts (Borrower)

“After reading about National Family Mortgage, we decided to use their Win-Win mortgage. This was a truly great deal for our kids as they are getting a very low interest rate from us and it’s a great deal for us as we get a higher return than we would in any other safe investment!”
– Dave, Michigan (Lender)

“My wife and I have been bragging about our experience with National Family Mortgage since we recently closed on our first home purchase. While we qualified for an attractive rate with a traditional mortgage, the savings from structuring our loan with our relatives was a no brainer for everyone involved. Using National Family Mortgage gave us the comfort that we were keeping the process very official in order to avoid any unforeseen headaches down the road. Our relatives are now enjoying a higher rate of return plus the satisfaction of helping their family. Meanwhile, my wife and I are benefiting from a below market annual interest rate and no fees, which allows us to pay down our loan more quickly and invest more in home improvements. It is an amazing deal for families that are fortunate enough to have the option. National Family Mortgage makes a simplifying process even easier and more cost effective.”
– Joe, Illinois (Borrower)

“Our experience with National Family Mortgage has been outstanding. Despite the fact that we have a family chock-full of numerous MBAs and lawyers, we chose to use National Family Mortgage to maintain a healthy, arm’s length process between family members. We have been extremely impressed by the level of professionalism, attention to detail and prompt service that we have experienced at National Family Mortgage and highly recommend them to any family considering using their services.”
– Jennifer, Texas (Borrower)

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