B & L, Texas (Lenders)

“Using National Family Mortgage to help us establish a mortgage with our daughter was one of the soundest business decisions we’ve made. The process was easy, seamless and a good value for the cost. The guidance and explanations were clear and concise, and they gave us peace of mind that we’ve established this loan with the proper legal steps, legal documentation, and IRS compliancy”.

Tom, Massachusetts (Borrower)

“A smart mortgage is a family mortgage. My parents get a great return on their investment and I get a great rate on my loan. National Family Mortgage gave me all the tools to make it happen and it was easy. It’s the best and most stress-free decision our family ever made together.”

Dave, Michigan (Lender)

“After reading about National Family Mortgage, we decided to use their Win-Win mortgage. This was a truly great deal for our kids as they are getting a very low interest rate from us and it’s a great deal for us as we get a higher return than we would in any other safe investment!”

Joe, Illinois (Borrower)

“My wife and I have been bragging about our experience with National Family Mortgage since we recently closed on our first home purchase. While we qualified for an attractive rate with a traditional mortgage, the savings from structuring our loan with our relatives was a no brainer for everyone involved. Using National Family Mortgage gave us the comfort that we were keeping the process very official in order to avoid any unforeseen headaches down the road. Our relatives are now enjoying a higher rate of return plus the satisfaction of helping their family. Meanwhile, my wife and I are benefiting from a below market annual interest rate and no fees, which allows us to pay down our loan more quickly and invest more in home improvements. It is an amazing deal for families that are fortunate enough to have the option. National Family Mortgage makes a simplifying process even easier and more cost effective.”

Jennifer, Texas (Borrower)

“Our experience with National Family Mortgage has been outstanding. Despite the fact that we have a family chock-full of numerous MBAs and lawyers, we chose to use National Family Mortgage to maintain a healthy, arm’s length process between family members. We have been extremely impressed by the level of professionalism, attention to detail and prompt service that we have experienced at National Family Mortgage and highly recommend them to any family considering using their services.”

John, New Mexico (Borrower)

“My wife and I refinanced our home loan through National Family mortgage in June 2012. We found the process to be simple, cost effective, and reliable. We accomplished with National Family Mortgage what the standard mortgage houses wanted $4,000 or more to do. My parents benefit by collecting interest on their money at a higher rate than they were getting on CDs and such, and we benefit by having refinanced to a lower rate. I recommend National Family Mortgage to everyone who has the means to refinance through family.”

Josh, Kentucky (Borrower)

“In an extremely difficult interest rate environment for savers, the Win-Win mortgage we completed with National Family Mortgage makes even more sense for families. Even though I was capable of getting a home loan from my lender of choice, going with National Family Mortgage relieved me of the hours of red tape through a traditional bank, and provided my parents with an interest rate 3.5 times the rate they were currently receiving. That’s the definition of Win-Win. The simplicity and great customer service of National Family Mortgage were an added bonus.”

Sara, Texas (Lender)

“Thank you for all your help. National Family Mortgage was the easiest financial transaction I have ever had. The banks did not want to deal with our relatively small refinance and/or they wanted substantial fees. I found National Family Mortgage in an article in the Wall Street Journal and a light went on. If this can work for your family, it is a winner!”

Steve, Minnesota (Lender)

“This is a company that knows what they are doing. The customer service was outstanding!”

Keith, Illinois (Borrower)

“I had a lot of questions along the way but National Family Mortgage answered them all in a timely professional manner. I am really happy there is an outlet other than conventional banks that I could utilize and keep the money in the family! Being self-employed, banks don’t want to loan money to small business owners wanting to buy a home; so, this was a huge success as far as my situation is concerned. And my mother gets a decent rate of return on her money as opposed to leaving it in a savings account. Thanks again!”

Doug, Illinois (Lender)

“My wife and I wanted to assist our daughter in the purchase of her first home. We were looking for assistance in developing a professional, legal and properly documented and recorded family mortgage and promissory note. After a very brief and disappointing experience with what would have been an expensive attorney, I contacted National Family Mortgage. The whole transaction went smoothly and our daughter received a legal, professional and properly documented and recorded family mortgage. Our daughter is enjoying her new home and her mother and I are happy for her. Thank you for your services and for treating our little loan as if it could have been 10 times more. I would recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone with similar needs.”

Karin, New York (Lender)

“My relative was interested in purchasing a home, which was bank owned, but had a better shot with a cash bid. I had some un-invested funds that were earning no interest. And voila, we found National Family Mortgage! Their website is very informative, with IRS guidelines clearly defined, and the fees were much less than paying a bank’s origination and transaction fees. The process was clearly laid out for us and took the guesswork out of the administrative side. Any questions we had were quickly answered. It’s truly a unique service that benefits both the borrower and the lender.”

Dan, Washington (Borrower)

“As first time home buyers, my wife and I didn’t have the first clue about how to secure an intra-family home mortgage. National Family mortgage helped make the whole process easy and pain free. From gathering details about the property to the final document preparation, National Family Mortgage kept us up to date through the whole process and exceeded our expectations at every turn. If you’re looking to secure an intra-family loan, National Family Mortgage is the expert you’re happy to have on your side.”

Jim, California (Borrower)

“National Family Mortgage was the perfect option that we were looking for. With an aging grandmother who did not want to tie up liquid assets, but disappointed with low interest rates, she was able to reduce the mortgage burdens of her children, which in turn assisted with her grandkids’ college tuition. The service provided by National Family Mortgage was great and made understanding and getting thru the process easy. Their website is user friendly and answered all our questions. And document turnaround was quick. I would use National Family Mortgage again if the need arises.”

Julien, Illinois (Borrower)

“National Family Mortage’s online service made a process that we had some apprehension about incredibly easy. All of our questions and concerns were addressed promptly and everything went very smoothly from start to finish. I would highly recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone considering a family mortgage.”

Mark, Massachusetts (Lender)

“I want to thank National Family Mortgage for helping my family. Your Win-Win Mortgage really lives up to its name. As a corporate lawyer, I appreciate how you’ve really simplified a potentially daunting process (at a very fair price) and that you were always there to answer my questions. I’d encourage anybody considering an intra-family mortgage to use your service. Consider me a very satisfied customer!”

Brian, New York (Lender)

“National Family Mortgage was a lifesaver! I needed to arrange a mortgage with a family member 3,000 miles across the country. National Family Mortgage’s product was perfectly suited to my needs, their execution was flawless, and I was able to accomplish it all online. They saved me a huge amount of time and legal fees.”

Ken, Ohio (Lender)

“You and your company are one of the most ethical and honest companies that any consumer could hope to work with. When our son’s dream house failed to pass the inspection, you returned the full purchase price no question asked. This speaks volumes about you and your company. I would urge any family member who is thinking about supporting their loved one with a family mortgage to consider using National Family Mortgage. I tell every realtor I meet about the outstanding service you offer and the quality of people who represent the company. Thanks again.”

Phil, California (Lender)

“What a great service! The whole process was remarkably simple. And when we needed a little hand holding, National Family Mortgage was available by telephone, and exceptionally helpful. Our family could not be more pleased.”

Steve, Florida (Lender)

“I read about National Family Mortgage on line and it looked like something that was just what I needed. Unlike many products and services, National Family Mortgage not only met, but exceeded all of my expectations! The process was simple and the few questions that I had were answered promptly and with great care! I would recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone looking to extend a mortgage to a family member!!”

Phil, Texas (Borrower)

“My experience with National Family Mortgage has been fantastic from start to finish. The staff all were very helpful and informative during the process; They took the time to explain the nuances of home buying in Texas to my wife and I as first time home buyers. The Win-Win Mortgage is an excellent investment vehicle for our family and helped us attain our dream home.”

Jim, Maryland (Lender)

“We found the family loan experience aided by National Family Mortgage to be of great value. In a market environment where stringent bank requirements result in delays and “hoop jumping” exercises, National Family Mortgage provides an option to speed the home buying process and avoid much of the headache. The short and long term benefits for young first time home buyers and their older generation of parents are obvious. In short, a very valuable service, reasonably priced and well administered.”

Lance, California (Borrower)

“I can only second all the recommendations you’ve received. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone who wants to keep the money “in the family.” You’ve been a great help and a friendly voice amid the paper shuffle.”

Mark, Missouri (Lender)

“National Family Mortgage helped it make it possible for our daughter and her husband to purchase a home during a move with special circumstances that made obtaining a traditional lender financed mortgage temporarily impossible. The great service provided made the process simple and painless for us, kept the transaction within IRS guidelines and fully documented for both the lender and borrower. I would highly recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone interested in a family mortgage.”

Hartmut, Texas (Lender)

“In 2013 we contacted you the first time, after we found some information on Google about family mortgages that sounded promising. We used your solution for our eldest son and it is working perfectly, especially the monthly payments, the monthly statements and the year-end statement. In June, we approached you again since our younger son was looking for his first house. We chose the same solution. Real estate agents are totally surprised when they hear about this approach, so I think you guys need to make sure the word gets out to a broader group! I am very convinced that many families are in need for such a well-organized set up.”

Kevin, New Jersey (Lender)

“I couldn’t believe how easy the process was from beginning to end. While I was a little leery at first about using a non-traditional on-line processing company, the research I did made me believe this was the right approach to take in making a loan within our family. And National Family Mortgage did not disappoint. The monthly update and yearly tax documentation completes the package. Thanks again for this valuable service.”

Bogdan, Illinois (Borrower)

“National Family Mortgage has gone out of their way to make sure the whole mortgage process was smooth and easy. From expediting paperwork to recommending a wonderful local lawyer to work with, National Family Mortgage has gone the extra mile make sure the loan process was a success. Thanks for your excellent service.”

Ada, Florida (Borrower)

“You are awesome! thank you for being so patient with me, too! I am so glad that I read that article about National Family Mortgage in MSN news! It is a truly a win-win for both my mom and me!”

Bernie, California (Lender)

“Just got the final recorded mortgage paperwork in today’s mail. Would like you to know we sincerely appreciate your assistance in handling all the paperwork. Your company’s efforts made everything go so smoothly without any unexpected hiccups. Your patience in answering all of our questions was top notch and you had all the answers. Will be happy to recommend your services to anyone who may ask.”

Jamie, Illinois (Lender)

“Looking to help our son with the purchase of a house, I learned about National Family Mortgage from a syndicated article in the Chicago Tribune and called to get more clarity. After speaking with Tim Burke, he walked me through what ended up being a simple process. The result of the procedure; we helped our son with a head start in life and helped ourselves with a better return on some of our idle cash. Within the next year or two, we will come back to National Family Mortgage with our daughter as she will want the same help. Thank you National Family Mortgage.”

Trauti, Virginia (Lender)

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service I got from National Family Mortgage. Great communication and response time, and a very reasonable cost considering all the filing fees and expenses covered in the one-time payment. Furthermore, your support did not stop when we encountered unforeseen difficulties during the transaction. Your help with these were greatly appreciated and I would not hesitate for a moment to highly recommend you and your company. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope for your continued success with National Family Mortgage. It is very much deserved!”

Tuoc & Family, California (Lender)

“Words cannot describe how grateful we are with this intra-family home purchase/finance transaction. We were taken by the hands every step of the way. Our estate attorney and CPA were informed of the process and strongly recommended our going ahead with the National Family Mortgage gift finance program. In fact, they were astonished to find out that such solutions offered by National Family Mortgage exist which enable the transferring of wealth out of one’s estates with much peace of mind and affecting win-win situations in all parties. We wish National Family Mortgage much growth and success for years to come so that our children and their children would use National Family Mortgage’s services from generation to generation.”

Chris, Texas (Borrower)

“National Family Mortgage makes an inherently complicated process much easier, while making sure everything is documented and registered as it should be. Our Family Mortgage Advisor provided excellent insight into the process and was able to quickly and correctly answer every question I had for him. I absolutely recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone considering a family mortgage.”

Jerry, Ohio (Lender)

“This was a great deal for our son as he is receiving a low interest rate from us that he would not be able to get on his own. He recently graduated from college, started a new job and the mortgage payment on his condo is lower than if he rented an apartment plus he is building equity. It’s a great deal for us as we get a higher return than we would in any other safe income related investment such as a bank CD. I would recommend that anyone in a similar situation check out your service. The Win-Win mortgage is a great value for all parties involved. Thanks again.”

Les, Utah (Lender)

“We were delighted by the simplicity and affordability of the family loan that was facilitated by National Family Mortgage. Tim Burke, CEO, was terrific! He and his team guided us step by step through the process, and the outcome–a properly documented and recorded family loan that allows our daughter and son-in-law to claim a mortgage deduction while we recognize miscellaneous income–is just what we needed for the tax man.”

Elisa, Texas (Borrower)

“My mother, who together with my father provided me with the mortgage loan for the house I now live in, visited my home for the first time just this past week, and one of the first things she said when she saw the place was, “Elisa, you need to write a testimonial for National Family Mortgage.” I think she’s glad I bought the house! I’m in my 30s, and I am an adjunct college professor, which in the current economic climate is a bit of an odd situation. I basically have two ¾ full time jobs and one part time job (yes, add that up, and it’s like having two full time jobs), and all three of them are stable and long-term. My credit score is astronomically good. However, since none of the institutions for which I work have me on the books as full-time, the underwriters for my credit union informed me that no, I could not get a mortgage. This was very frustrating, because initially the credit union told me that with my credit score, they didn’t think it would be a problem. Subsequently, three other institutions told me that they would not give me a mortgage either, and for the same reason. I am therefore more than a little bit fortunate that when I found my perfect dream home by the beach, my parents and National Family Mortgage made purchasing it possible. In fact, National Family Mortgage made the whole process downright easy, and even closing on the house was simpler that it would have been with a mortgage from my regular financial institution.
Throughout the process, every one of my questions, my parents’ questions, and my realtor’s questions were answered promptly and well, and every one of our interactions with people from National Family Mortgage were conducted/received in a way that was friendly, polite and helpful. My parents invested in me, basically, and I invested in a home, and none of the three of us see any downside to the arrangement! Thank you, National Family Mortgage for making the process not only possible, but simpler and more enjoyable than we had reason to expect.”

Barbara, Virginia (Lender)

“Having National Family Mortgage set up the loan and handle all the details has been a Godsend. It is a total win-win for my daughter and me! You have saved us time and money while providing peace of mind. I will heartily recommend you to anyone who is considering an intra-family loan.”

Ron, Pennsylvania (Lender)

“National Family Mortgage provides a valuable service at significant savings compared to the use of a lawyer to prepare the necessary documents. Through the refinancing, my son and his spouse were able to reduce their mortgage loan term by approximately 10 years and achieve very substantial interest savings, while we get a reasonable return on the investment. It really is a “Win-Win Mortgage.” Thanks for your assistance!”

D & A, Massachusetts (Lenders)

“Both closings for our sons happened last week without a hitch. Thank you!! National Family Mortgage received compliments from both the Escrow agents in Washington State, and separately from the closing attorney in Massachusetts. Apparently when people use their trusted family lawyers to draw up mortgages and the associated paperwork, the results are mixed. Everyone was impressed by the quality and thoroughness of your work. We are spreading the word about your service with our wealth advisor, tax accountant, and family lawyer. Thanks again, and we’ll be in touch should our third son decide to buy a house.”

Ariel, California (Lender)

“A year ago I had the idea that I might be able to help my daughter and son-in-law buy a house. I didn’t know how, but National Family Mortgage made the whole process understandable and amazingly smooth. You were great about answering my many questions and reassuring nervous realtors. Today my daughter and her husband are thriving as homeowners and I am enjoying the interest. I count lending them the money in this fashion as one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Michael, Florida (Lender)

“When I decided to finance a home for my daughter I expected the inevitable complexity and anxiety. But from the time we engaged National Family Mortgage every step of the process was handled professionally and with a personal touch. I had never expected such a high level of support from an online service.”

David, North Carolina (Lender)

“Our family made a great choice having National Family Mortgage arrange the paperwork for our loan, giving amazing personalized service. Considering the stressful events happening during this period (property inspection, conditions for closing, the closing process itself, along with the mortgage documentation) I cannot imagine ending up with a more satisfying result. Thank you National Family Mortgage.”

Lana, Michigan (Lender)

“Setting up a family mortgage through National Family Mortgage was the easiest, most simple mortgage process I have ever experienced. Tim Burke, the CEO, answered my questions and helped assure me how simple the process would be. He was right. Our kids got a great rate on their mortgage and we are so pleased we could help them in this way.”

Joel, New Jersey (Lender)

“I found this website to be outstanding in providing a service not easily available elsewhere. The concept of intra-family mortgage was new to me; I greatly valued the ease with which I could get answers to all my questions. I heartily recommend this site for anyone who has a need for this type of mortgage loan.”

Dan, Virginia (Lender)

“After reading about National Family Mortgage in a newspaper article, I decided to help my son and daughter in law with the purchase of their first home. Tim Burke personally made sure everything went smoothly. It is reassuring that the family mortgage meets all legal requirements of a valid mortgage. Therefore, the interest can be deducted by my son and his wife. I was glad that I can help my family with a low rate mortgage, while still receiving some return on my money. I told my son and daughter in law that this arrangement is not a gift, but an investment in their future.”

Scott, Texas (Borrower)

“I chose National Family Mortgage because they offer a unique, online service that would only otherwise be found by retaining an expensive lawyer to draft the needed documents. When the documents were used at closing, there were no surprises or hitches. I would recommend this service to anyone considering a Family Mortgage.”

Trina, Colorado (Lender)

“This process worked perfectly for us. Tim Burke answered all our questions promptly and with expert knowledge. He guided us through the loan process so that everyone in our family, as well as our son’s realtor, the listing agent and the title company, all felt comfortable with what we were doing. Tim is great at explaining everything so it is easily understood. A BIG thank you to National Family Mortgage. This service is well worth the cost!”

Chris, California (Borrower)

“Working with National Family Mortgage was seamless. They provide a great product, and even better service. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in setting up a Family Mortgage.”

Dave, Massachusetts (Lender)

“Our experience with National Family Mortgage has been very positive and straight forward from the outset. They have been very responsive to any questions we had. This process is much simpler, easier and quicker than a conventional bank loan. The Win-Win Mortgage was truly a Win-Win for our family. I strongly recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone considering a Family Mortgage.”

Ann, Florida (Lender)

“We used National Family Mortgage to help our daughter and son-in-law with their first home. It was an excellent experience and efficiently completed. Tim Burke was outstanding in answering every question and assisting us through the process – definitely an A+ organization.”

Darrell, California (Lender)

“Things are going great with our Family Mortgage. Your service made the process easy! Again, thanks for your excellent service and documentation.”

P.Y., California (Lender)

“National Family Mortgage has been exceptionally helpful in educating us about intra-family mortgages. We use their service to arrange a loan for our child to purchase a house. National Family Mortgage was very resourceful and professional, guiding us in every step until completion. Overall a great experience!”

Jeanne, New Mexico (Lender)

“Once again, I appreciate your professional yet very friendly and helpful attitude, your knowledge and expertise, your careful attention to detail, and your fine and informative website. The entire process could not have gone more smoothly! I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is interested in a family mortgage.”

Mike, California (Lender)

“Thank you for your help. It had been a real pleasure to work with you. Your company delivers a very important service to the community. And you deliver it well.”

Rick, California (Lender)

“Thanks again for the great service. I have already shared with several people how awesome the service is and the unique opportunity it provides families.”

Rick, California (Lender)

Our daughter closed this morning as planned and everything went smoothly! Appreciate your help and guidance. Will be happy to recommend you and the process to others who want to do similar deals.”

John, Massachusetts (Lender)

“In April of 2014, my wife and I arranged for an National Family Mortgage loan to our son, who was buying a house in Washington DC. The whole thing has worked out beautifully, and we’re still grateful to you for your help in setting it up for us.”

Mike, Wisconsin (Lender)

“The entire process went really well. As with anything new and different, we had a few questions and concerns, all which were handled efficiently and honestly by the team at National Family Mortgage, especially Tim Burke. It was a real advantage in the house purchase process for our kids to be able to act as a “cash buyer.” They were able to make an aggressive, yet reasonable offer that the seller found value in. The speed in which we were able to react and close made all involved happy. I have been discussing this with anyone showing an interest — even our financial adviser found this to be a prudent move for our financial portfolio.”

Julie, Pennsylvania (Borrower)

“We decided to do a win-win mortgage because my parents wanted a safe investment, and I wanted a low interest rate. National Family Mortgage made it easy to legally set up our mortgage, and we appreciated that it also helped us set up the payment system. Every step in buying a house is stressful, so it made the process much easier to know that our mortgage was going to be handled properly.”

Andrew, Massachusetts (Lender)

“A family loan made sense. The choice was to do it informally ourselves and save any fees or to execute it formally through a company. We chose National Family Mortgage and have been rewarded with great service, ease, documentation, and the good feeling of having made a wise decision that benefits all parties of the transaction.”

Jean, Texas (Lender)

“Thank you for your professional service and patience in walking us through this new experience with a family mortgage. It was a positive and pleasant experience and I would recommend National Family Mortgage to friends. You may use this quote if you would like!”

Jeff, Colorado (Borrower)

“I want to send my compliments and positive feedback about our experience using your services. Our experience with National Family Mortgage was very positive. Our advisor was very helpful in answering our questions, and the application process was easy to navigate. This was an excellent fit for our situation, and we were glad this product was recommended to us by a friend who is also a financial planner. My wife’s father, who was to be the lender, died shortly before the closing. So it turned out that we would not actually need the mortgage; I was pleasantly surprised that National Family Mortgage offered to refund our fee.”

Scott, Delaware (Lender)

“Thanks National Family Mortgage for providing an easy process to make and document a low rate loan. The process was quick and easy and allowed my sister to build the house of her dreams, accessing assets from a trust left to her by our parents! We have two boys reaching young adulthood and will consider using National Family Mortgage to get them into their first homes when the time comes. I would recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone in a position to make a loan to family member.”

Frank, California (Lender)

“Our experience with National Family Mortgage was excellent. The Win-Win Mortgage was just what we needed. The process was made easy by the attention to detail and responsiveness of the National Family Mortgage team.”

Pat and Dan, Arizona (Lenders)

“We are very pleased with the service provided by National Family Mortgage. You actually exceeded our expectations in ease, speed and efficiency of coordinating our “long distance” family mortgage. Thanks for all of your help.”

Kim, Michigan (Borrower)

“We were very happy to work with National Family Mortgage on our mortgage. The personal help was a great plus, and I felt as if I could call at any time with questions throughout the process. The application process was easy, and the loan servicing has also been a great help. Thank you again for providing this service to us in a timely and efficient manner.”

Neil, Delaware (Lender)

“You have really been helpful through this whole process. Thanks to National Family Mortgage, you helped make a dream come true for my son and his family.”

Ted, Florida (Lender)

“Thank you for your help on the Win-Win mortgage. The closing went smoothly and our son and daughter-in-law moved into the new home a few weeks ago. A few months ago when our son and then future daughter-in-law had difficulty obtaining their mortgage we found your service on the web. The article on USA Today helped us decide that a family mortgage is a good option. Initially the seller (a national builder) demanded a 50% money down from our account before they begin building the house. After you talked to them and made them understand the process, they removed their demand. The entire process went smoothly afterwards and everyone is happy. The process is much less painful than borrowing from a mortgage company. We would do it again if the situation arises.”

Tom, Missouri (Lender)

“Thank you for assistance in making this family mortgage happen. We are excited about the win-win situation and the process you provide is very user friendly!”

Brent, Texas (Borrower)

“Our experience with National Family Mortgage was excellent. Tim Burke went above and beyond in an effort to make sure the process was accurate and properly handled. Aside from the great customer service, one cannot discount the absolutely vital importance of having a professional handle a family mortgage. Proper documentation and protocol are paramount, and it’s easy to feel as if it is acceptable to not do it properly. Thank you for making the process both legitimate and painless. It is greatly appreciated.”

Mark, California (Lender)

“If anyone mentions a need for something like this, I will refer them right to you. We have another son getting married next May and they may be ultimately interested in a similar arrangement!”

Bill, California (Lender)

“The loan experience with National Family Mortgage was above and beyond. You went out of your way time and again to provide the highest possible service. I have done 15 to 20 purchases and refinancings in my life — this was the most complicated, yet absolute smoothest. I would recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone. It covers all the bases.”

K.K., California (Lender)

“Our experience with National Family Mortgage has been great. Tim Burke has been personally quite responsive and open and things went much more smoothly than with the recent bank loans I’ve experienced. We’ve lent our daughter and her boyfriend 80% of what they needed to buy their first home. We get a better than current market return on our money and she gets a fully documented loan including the recording and IRS paperwork.”

Adrian, California (Borrower)

“National Family Mortgage has been terrific to deal with. I’m very pleased with your services and would gladly recommend National Family Mortgage. The outcome and the product is exactly what you promised and you made it very easy to accomplish. Thanks again!”

Olga, Maryland (Lender)

“I was looking for the options to help our daughter to refinance her mortgage and I am very happy I found National Family Mortgage. We picked a win-win mortgage option. It was a great deal for both of us. National Family Mortgage has a very comprehensive web site. The outstanding support helped to make the refinancing process easy and quick. Thank you very much!”

Matthew, Oregon (Borrower)

“I was considering a refinance and looking around for a good, safe investment for a family member when I happened across National Family Mortgage. It really was a “win-win” situation, easy to understand and complete. I would whole-heartedly recommend this product and services to anyone.”

James, New Mexico (Lender)

“My daughter owns a condo in Boston (which she rents out). She was stuck with a high interest mortgage and we wanted to help her out. It was going to be complicated; she lives in Australia and we live in Santa Fe. We wanted to have everything properly registered but we had no idea how to make it happen. I talked with Tim Burke and he explained everything very clearly and we decided to go with National Family Mortgage. We followed the steps outlined by Tim and everything went smoothly. This is the way to go and I have no hesitation about recommending National Family Mortgage to others.”

Don, Alaska (Lender)

“I really appreciate the service you have provided. For those who have the financial wherewithal, this service has so many positives attached, it’s a No Brainer !”

Sudhir, Oregon (Lender)

“I had explored the concept of the Family Mortgage to assist my daughter in purchasing her first home. In the process I ran across National Family Mortgage. I got an exceptionally good response from them regarding the process, specifics, and then formalizing the Loan Agreement and the transfer of title. Tim Burke has been a delight to work with, especially his thorough and prompt responses to my queries. I strongly endorse Tim and National Family Mortgage for people looking to use this vehicle to help their families.”

Bill, Florida (Lender)

“National Family Mortgage was a great way to go for me to help a close friend refinance her second home in this tough mortgage environment. It was a win-win for both of us with me earning better than market interest rates, and she getting competitive rates she would not have been able to secure through a bank. Tim was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He guided us through every step of the process patiently and informatively. I would recommend him and National Family Mortgage enthusiastically and without reservation.”

Pamela, Massachusetts (Lender)

“National Family Mortgage was the perfect solution for our needs. They are knowledgeable, professional, flexible and responsive, which permitted us to meet a tight closing deadline with no problems at all. The cost was reasonable, and the arrangement creates value for both the lender and the borrower. We would recommend them highly to others.”

PRB, California (Lender)

“Our experience with National Family Mortgage was excellent. All went as you outlined and the results were exactly as you said they would be. You explained all the details and answered all of our questions and made the process easy to follow. I would recommend this method of financing to everyone who is in a position to use it. It’s a win-win situation for all who can take advantage if it. Thanks again!”

Ernest, California (Borrower)

“I was looking for a way to reduce the fees I had been paying lawyers to draft up legal documents. The process of creating documents was easy to understand and straight-forward and I paid a very reasonable fee. This is a great service – National Family Mortgage is a breath of fresh air!”

Leslie, Georgia (Lender)

“Thanks for all your help in organizing this family mortgage for us. We appreciate your expertise, your prompt and thorough assistance, and your follow-up to our questions throughout the process. We would not hesitate to use National Family Mortgage again if the need arises.”

Collin, California (Borrower)

“When considering doing a Family Mortgage we were at a loss as to how to accomplish the goal where all of the forms, agencies, (i.e. county recorder etc.) would be completely legitimate under IRS law, as well as a fair interest rate for all parties involved. At the start we anticipated having to spend thousands on Lawyers, and Title companies and state agencies. When facing such a task it is easy to have someone take advantage of these types of needs. Fortunately we found National Family Mortgage which guided us through the whole process painlessly and moreover very quickly. I cannot say enough about the level of care and customer service we received as it was beyond excellent. Their staff is highly knowledgeable and always quick to respond to whatever questions/concerns that one might have. Even when we forgot to make copies of final docs, and had mailed them off, they made copies and sent them immediately for our files. Truly the Ritz of private mortgage origination services! Five Stars!”

Valerie, Connecticut (Lender)

“No lie, was a little apprehensive at first, but now, a few months in, the process was extremely easy/seamless and all parties are happy. Our son saved a lot. Great communication from National Family Mortgage. Would definitely recommend.”

Robert, Florida (Lender)

“I received the recorded mortgage papers in the mail a day or two ago. I want to thank you for all of your help throughout the entire mortgage process. I don’t think that I could have done a private mortgage without your help. Everything came together with such ease on our part!”

Joe & Jo, New Jersey (Lenders)

“Thank you for your assistance in setting up our loan. In a span of two weeks we located and closed on a property for our son. The whole process went smoothly. Joe and I appreciate the time you spent with us to answer all of our questions. We would recommend National Family Mortgage to anyone who is thinking about this type of loan.”

Tom, California (Borrower)

“National Family Mortgage provided top quality service and everything was accomplished quickly and efficiently. All in all an excellent way of setting up an inter-family transaction that makes the process as painless as possible, and at a reasonable price.”

James, Maryland (Lender)

“We had a very good experience with National Family Mortgage. They were knowledgeable, responsive, and worked with us throughout the process. I would us them again in the same situation.”

Dave, Arizona (Lender)

“We wanted to do a family mortgage the “right way”. Fortunately, we found National Family Mortgage after an internet search. The steps to set up the loan were just what we needed and the whole process was very straight forward. I highly recommend these services to anyone considering helping out a family member with a loan.”

Tamara, California (Lender)

“I am extremely pleased with the product and customer service provided by National Family Mortgage. They were helpful, responsive and very knowledgeable. The entire process went smoothly and I would definitely recommend their services to friends and family.”

Robert, North Carolina (Lender)

“We have been satisfied with your service every step of the way. From the helpful information provided on your website and over the phone to confirmation that the mortgage had been properly recorded. The loan processing service options really helped in our decision to proceed with the mortgage.”

Maribeth and Andy, Florida (Lenders)

“We found National Family Mortgage through online research, but became comfortable with the process through the patient, helpful telephone and email support of National Family Mortgage personnel. A family mortgage has allowed us to assist family members to purchase their first home. It truly has been a “Win-Win.”

Kitty, Michigan (Lender)

“Thank you for assisting our family with this important financial undertaking. You made the process so very easy to understand and execute — for that, a double thanks! Sincerely and best regards!”

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