Our goal is to make borrowing from family safe, easy, and successful.

Why use National Family Mortgage? There are plenty of reasons!

Cash Income Stream

Your National Family Mortgage ® will generate a tax-free recurring revenue stream funded by your loved ones. Spend or invest the money however you choose. Live more comfortably and enjoy your retirement!

A Low Interest Rate

Often, interest rates charged through intra-family loans are lower than rates charged through banks and traditional lending institutions. On average, National Family Mortgage ® interest rates are between one to two full points lower than banks, and this can add up to thousands of dollars in interest savings over the life of the loan.

Odds are you will also provide your Lender with a better return than most CDs or savings bonds available today. You will also be keeping money in your family!

Low Fees

Traditional reverse mortgage lenders usually require insurance, appraisals, and have lots of hidden fees. Family Lenders typically do not require such third party services or expenses. You can save thousands in closing costs with a National Family Mortgage ®.

Tax / Estate Protection

Prevent IRS scrutiny. National Family Mortgage ® registers your loan with the appropriate government authority. Proper documentation sets clear expectations and prevents future misunderstandings between your children or other family members. Our award winning, patented, loan management platform keeps a clear record of all disbursements, including year-end tax reports.

Protect Your Home

Continue to live in and own the home you love. Beat the bank; let your loved ones build equity in your home and protect it for future generations!


You qualify as long as your loved ones trust that you or your estate can pay back the loan one day. There is no age requirement. There is no HUD counseling requirement. You are not constrained by lending limit caps. A traditional reverse mortgage application can take weeks of work and waiting with no guarantee of approval. You and your family set the loan terms!