National Family Mortgage Shut Down?

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CONCORD, MA — (July 13, 2021) — It has recently come to our attention that when Google search engine users run a query for National Family Mortgage ®, the platform’s popular autocomplete prediction tool sometimes erroneously suggests that “National Family Mortgage shut down.”

TO BE CLEAR, SINCE LAUNCHING IN 2010, NATIONAL FAMILY MORTGAGE ® HAS NEVER “SHUT DOWN.” In fact, National Family Mortgage ® is thriving.

Google’s suggestion that “National Family Mortgage shut down” is categorically false and irresponsible at best, and deceptive, malicious, and slanderous at worst.

As Google publicly supports alternative Family & Friend Lending solutions via its own start-up acceleration program, we sincerely hope that Google would not abuse its position of power for the purpose of breaching consumer trust by intentionally misleading consumers with false and inflammatory statements that National Family Mortgage ® has “shut down.”

Over the years, Google has routinely claimed that search engine autocomplete predictions are made automatically based upon user behavior, which Google cannot control. However, we are unaware of any evidence to support that Google’s autocomplete prediction “National Family Mortgage shut down” was originally user driven. National Family Mortgage ® also cannot identify any reputable online news article, blog post, or any other credible online source that may have influenced Google’s search engine results by suggesting or otherwise implying that our successful, award-winning company has “shut down.”

Google claims to allow users to report inappropriate predictions if they are disparaging. In addition, the Google support page states:

“First, autocomplete has systems designed to prevent potentially unhelpful and policy-violating predictions from appearing. These systems try to identify predictions that are violent, sexually explicit, hateful, disparaging, or dangerous, or which lead to such content. This includes predictions that are unlikely to return much reliable content, such as unconfirmed rumors after a news event.”

The question of whether “National Family Mortgage shut down” is at most an unconfirmed rumor. Google has ample wherewithal to confirm that the rumor is untrue and discontinue use of the disparaging autocomplete query. Google’s refusal to follow its own policies forces us to post this rebuttal in an effort to protect the National Family Mortgage ® brand and our decade of professional goodwill.

Unfortunately, National Family Mortgage ® is not alone in our fight against search engine misinformation. After a decade of legal actions, a 2020 AlgorithmWatch experiment shows that search engines still suggest slanderous, false and disparaging statements about many organizations and individuals.

Please know, that as we approach our eleventh year in business, National Family Mortgage ® is stronger than ever and here to stay. We are confident that our thousands of happy clients will continue to champion our best-in-class service model as we continue to grow!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to helping you!


Timothy Burke, Founder & CEO

About National Family Mortgage ®

National Family Mortgage ® is an online specialty service that helps facilitate private mortgage loans between relatives. National Family Mortgage ® has developed a safe and easy way for families to document and manage real estate loans with their own family members. National Family Mortgage ® helps families prevent the legal, estate planning, and tax problems that can occur when large exchanges of money between family members are handled informally. National Family Mortgage ® has facilitated over $2 Billion in loan volume since 2010, while keeping over $700 Million of interest within families.

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